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Included in the Accompanying Person Package fee


Half day


Bring your badge with you!


Guided tour of the Botanical Garden and Basilica of Saint Anthony, light lunch at a local restaurant.

Visit to the magnificent SAINT ANTONY'S BASILICA, guardian of the Saint's relics and rich in precious altars and works of art.

Visit the BOTANICAL GARDEN of the University of Padova, a Unesco heritage site, with a naturalistic-environmental guide. The Historical Botanical Garden, founded in 1545, is the oldest botanical garden in the world still standing in its original location. The Biodiversity Garden, inaugurated in September 2014, is the modern extension of the Botanical Garden, built in the spaces once occupied by the ancient Benedictine garden, and allows us to enter the ultra-modern greenhouses that reconstruct the environments of planet Earth.

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We remind you that accompanying persons are also welcome to attend the social events included in their fee, provided they confirm their reservation on the registration  form

The Gala Dinner only is not included in the Accompanying Person package fee.

Please note that Accompanying Persons are not allowed at coffee breaks and lunched at the Congress Venue.



TOUR 1 - Venice and its islands


NOT included in the Conference Fees


Full day


  • 8:00 AM: Meeting with the guides in Padua, boarding on reserved buses, and transfer to Fusina (Venice).

  • Arrival at Fusina and boarding the motorboat.

  • Welcome breakfast with coffee and pastries.

  • Navigation along the Vittorio Emanuele III canal until reaching the Giudecca canal to enter the Basin of San Marco.

  • Disembarkation at MURANO, the island famous for glassblowing. You will have the opportunity to visit a glass furnace and admire this ancient art skillfully practiced by the Master Glassmakers who will amaze us with their creations.

  • The onboard kitchen will prepare lunch with a seafood menu based on traditional Venetian recipes:

    • Fruit Bellini aperitif

    • Marinated anchovies appetizer

    • Steamed shrimps and Venetian-style sardines in Saor

    • Seafood pasta as the first course

    • Mixed fried fish as the second course

    • Seasonal mixed vegetables as a side dish

    • Unlimited wine and water, fruit, coffee, Grappa, cover charge, and table service.

  • After lunch, there will be disembarkation and a guided walk to St. Mark's Square, crossing the most famous bridges of the Riva degli Schiavoni. Here you will have the chance to admire the exterior of the city's most famous monuments: the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge's Palace, the Marciana Library, the Campanile, and the Procuratie (external views only).

  • Reboarding

  • Around 6:15 PM: Arrival at Fusina, disembarkation, and boarding on reserved buses.

  • Around 7:00 PM: Arrival in Padua, and end of services.


TOUR 2 - Palladio and Prosecco Heritage


NOT included in the Conference Fees


Full day



  • 8:30 Meeting Call for attendance​ and departure from Padova Congress​

  • 10:30 AZIENDA AGRICOLA CONTE COLLALTO Visit and Taste Morning visit to the winary “Collalto

Inside the historic cellars of the early 1900s, through visits to the cellar and the vineyard, you can discover the history that has linked the Collalto family to wine production for over a thousand years. You will be able to learn about the native vines and the winemaking techniques.

At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste the wines from the cellar inside the Wine Room: a tasting room with a magical and ancient charm.​

  • ​13:00 Lunch at a local restaurant

  • ​14:30 circa transfer for next stop! 

  • ​15:00 Guided Visit at Bassano del Grappa

Rich in culture and arts, this Northern Italy's hidden gem also offers unique experiences! This combination of factors qualifies this place as one among the best near Venice, worth becoming a key destination for savvy travelers and adventurers.

​17:00 Meeting point We meet at the meeting point with your guide, ready to go back to Padova!

  • ​17:30 leaving from Bassano Del Grappa

  • ​18:30 Return to Padova Congress​

  • 15:30 Visit to the Canovian Temple, built on a sunny hill opposite the artist's birthplace.

The Temple is dedicated to the Trinity, and Antonio Canova wanted it to serve as the parish church of his village, as a gift to the Catholic Religion.

Weather permitting, it is possible to take the scenic route that leads to the top of the Temple to admire the landscape of the Pedemontana del Grappa and the view of the Temple.

Afterwards, continue with a short walk (approximately 300 meters) from the Temple to the entrance of the Canova Museum for a guided tour.

  • 16:00-17:30 The Museum Gypsotheca Antonio Canova preserves the historical and artistic heritage of Canova, the greatest sculptor of the neoclassical period.

The museum complex, one of the first in Veneto, consists of the house where he was born and the Gypsotheca, located in the original basilica and in the extension designed by Carlo Scarpa.

  • ​17:30 leaving from Museum Gypsotheca Antonio Canova

  • ​18:30 Return to Padova Congress​

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