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Padova Congress opened in May, 2022, to give home to the many events organized by the University, Institutions and Companies, who recognize the strength of our destination.

Padova Congress is a unique, contemporary and flexible space, an architectural gem that joins design, functionality and technology. An internationally oriented venue that can host events for up to 3,334 people, just a few steps from the vibrant historic center of Padova.

Designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the stunning Padova Congress center can flexibly host a vast range of events: the modular spaces can be rearranged into tens of configurations to align with event goals.

In traditional Japanese architecture, space is an extremely ductile element. Inspired by this spatial concept, the new Congress Center has been designed as a container that can flexibly adapt and accommodate a wide variety of functions.


The two main halls are GIOTTO ROOM (1.565 seats) and MANTEGNA ROOM (988 seats), completed by common areas to host exhibitions, food and beverage functions, poster sessions.

Padova Congress

Via N. Tommaseo 59 35131 Padova (Italy)
T. +39 049 840 497

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