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Kristina Djinovic (EMBL Grenoble, FR)

Title: Towards molecular architecture of the muscle Z-disk

When: Monday, August 26

Opening lecture of ECM34

Aula Giotto

Jonathan Wright (ESRF Grenoble, FR)

Title:  Imaging single crystals in powder samples

When: Friday, August 30

Closing lecture of ECM34 and Opening of EPDIC18

Aula Giotto


Matthew Blakeley (ILL, FR)

Topic: Neutrons/Bio

Title: Neutron diffraction studies of proteins reveal details of protonation, hydration and H-bonding

Kamil Dziubek (University of Vienna, AT)

Topic: High pressure crystallography

Title: Pressure-induced suppression of structural distortions manifrested in group-subgroup relationship


Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz (University of Granada, SP)

Topic: Crystallography and philosophy 

Title: On the role of silica in the origin of life and primitive life detection

Jean-Michel Gillet (Paris-Saclay University, FR)

Topic: Quantum Crystallography

Title: A quantum crystallographic journey to phase-space

Bernd Hinrichsen (BASF, DE)

Topic: Powder diffraction

Title: Reinventing the role of synchrotron powder diffraction


Volker Kahlenberg (Innsbruck University, AT)

Topic: Mineralogy

Title: Silico-Ferrites of Calcium and Aluminium (SFCAs) – complex cation substitutions, twinning, polysomatism and polytypism


Anthony Linden (Zurich University, CH)

Topic: Software/Teaching

Title: The evolution of crystallographic software tools and their efficacy in teaching endeavours


Chiara Massera (Parma University, IT)

Topic: Chemistry

Title: Combining mechanochemistry and structural analysis for the design of nanocrystalline reticular materials


Louisa Meshi (University of the Negev, IL)

Topic: ED, Alloys

Title: Comprehensive study of complex metallic and multi-component alloys using electron crystallography methods


Pance Naumov (NYU Abu Dhabi, AE)

Topic: Material Science

Title: Structural basis of mechanical properties and effects of molecular crystals


Anders Østergaard Madsen (Copenahagen University, DK)

Topic: Materials

Title: Quantum crystallography for studying dynamics and disorder in crystals


Bjørn Panyella Pedersen (Aarhus University, DK)

Topic: Structural Biology

Title: Common themes of sugar transport from humans to plants


Heike E. Riel (IBM, CH)

Topic: AI, Quantum Computing


Giovanna Scapin (NIS, US)

Topic: Structural Biology

Title: Structural Biology in Drug Discovery through the (orange) years

Claudia Weidenthaler (Max Planck, Mülheim, DE)

Topic: In situ diffraction

Title: In-situ diffraction: Elucidation of mechanochemical reactions of inorganic materials in a ball mill


Perutz Prize:

Mariusz Jaskólski (Poznan, PL), A path paved with crystals

Sheldrick prize:

Marta Morana (Florence, IT), Crystals under stress: from mineral inclusions to diamond anvil cells (and back)

Bertaut prize:

Daniel Mazzone (PSI, CH), Disentangling coupled degrees of freedom in quantum materials


Riva di Sanseverino Prize:

Claire Murray (Freelance Scientific Researcher, DE), Crystallography with the People


Kalman Prize:

Piero Macchi (Politecnico di Milano, IT), Quantum computing and crystallography

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