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8th CrysAC Workshop

“Ancient and historical glass: order or chaos?”

Date: 24 August 2024

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

Venue: University of Padova - DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCES Aula Arduino


Koen Janssens (University of Antwerp, BE)

Ivana Angelini (University of Padova, IT)


The CrysAC workshop on “X-ray based characterization of Archaeological and Historical Glass and Glazed artifacts” is within the series of one-day workshops organized by the IUCr Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage, aimed to stimulate knowledge exchange between crystallographers and researchers interested in Cultural Heritage investigations.

Different communities are invited to present reviews of established research, recent results and envisaged trends in key areas of Archaeometry and Conservation Science of Glass and Glazed Artefacts. This can encompasses a wide range of cultural heritage artefacts ranging e.g. from ancient archaeological finds over decorative artwork such as medieval stained glass windows and majolica tiles to 17-18th drinking vessels.   

The present workshop will invite scientists from research institutions, museums, and conservation bodies, in order to illustrate state-of-the-art applications of X-ray methods such as diffraction, fluorescence, absorption and tomography for the characterization of the above-mentioned artifacts. Papers on recent instrumental and methodological advances, opening novel fields of research on cultural heritage materials, to understand chemico-physical processes and structural transformations, are also welcome.  The program will consist of invited and contributed lectures; all interested are invited to exchange ideas and discuss the presented topics.

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