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To all organizers of ECM-34 Satellite meetings/schools/workshops


In order to help you organizing the event, selecting the location, and properly advertise the events on ECM-34 official communication tools, we please ask to send the attached form with all required information to the organizers:


LOC responsibles for satellites:

Chiara Maurizio (

Fabrizio Nestola (

PCO Sistema Congressi:

Elisa Quaggio (


The events will be publicized on the ECM-34 website and if requested they will be linked to the general registration web-form. However all necessary elements (pictures, texts, logos, details) must be received by December 20th 2023

The LOC and PCO will help you in all possible ways, but please remind that the Satellites organizers are responsible for the event’s organization, registration, and financing. 

Please note that EPDIC-18 will follow the ECM-34 conference, so to avoid overlap, it would be wise to organize events before ECM. Further, events running on Monday August 26th should allow people to reach the Padova Congress Centre in time to attend the opening ceremony.


Looking forward to meet you in Padova.


Gilberto Artioli, Chair

Giuseppe Zanotti, Co-Chair

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